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Shore in North Sydney used TryBooking to help eliminate cash payments and better manage their performance ticketing.


Many schools aim for a cashless environment across all areas of their finance. Eliminating cash transactions saves huge amounts of staff time, minimises accounting errors and provides more security for everyone.

Shore in North Sydney has guided families away from cash transactions for some time.


The change

In 2009 they began using TryBooking to eliminate one of the largest areas of cash payments - performance tickets.

Robert Fox, the Shore School Theatre Operations Manager, explained, "Our goal is to remove cash transactions as much as possible and using TryBooking has helped to advance this process significantly.

The only cash transactions in relation to ticketing now are door sales, which are minimal, as most people find it far easier to book online.

TryBooking has changed our whole approach to ticketing. The previous arrangement, which used a rather basic system, required all bookings to be input by a clerical staff member - including credit card processing, mailing of tickets, etc.

The TryBooking system removes 90% of that staff input, a significant cost saving, and changes our role from active input to passive monitoring.


The results


"We have had great success with merchandising, tickets for a dinner and lots of free concert events. We love it!"


The system was trialled for a drama production, and has quickly expanded throughout the school and is now used for dinners, luncheons, alumni events, conferences, to compile volunteer lists and parent functions - as well as the Music and Drama events."

Robert concluded by extolling the ease of account reconciliation and producing "industry-standard" financial reports through TryBooking. Eliminating cash and being able to produce clear audit trails means that every cent is accounted for and programs run more efficiently.

Paul Harrington, Master of Teaching & Learning, K-6 expanded upon the uses for TryBooking at Shore and stated, "We have had great success with merchandising, tickets for a dinner and lots of free concert events. We love it!"